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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Me without you

Me without you is like
A plane that doesn't fly
America without apple pie
A boot with no laces
Socks without feet
A heart missing its beat

Saturday, 11 June 2016

I miss you honey

I miss your voice
With it's lilt and a smile
I miss your eyes
So sultry and wild
I miss you honey
It's been a while

I'll visit sometime
And we'll chat all the while
I'll come just to say
You get me all riled
I've missed you honey
From the last time I smiled

Friday, 10 June 2016

Welcome to those hazy days

Welcome to those hazy days
Those sunless days
Those fuck this shit days
Where no-one cares
And You're not there
When mistakes seem like great ideas
And all advice is crap
Those grey days
Those suicide days
Oh what a time to end it all

Thursday, 9 June 2016

As I wandered through an arboreal dream

As I wandered through an arboreal dream
And I saw you among the trees
I ran to you but you weren’t there
Perhaps I’m losing my mind
I walked across a meadow sweet
And heard your voice in the breeze
I called your name but no reply
Perhaps I’m losing my mind
I strolled along the river bank
And saw you in the stream
I dived right in but you weren’t there
Perhaps I’m losing my mind
I climbed a mountain oh so high
And saw you across the vale
I called to you but no reply
Perhaps I’m losing my mind

I want to pour my heart out

I want to pour my heart out
In the hopes you'll understand
My tongue gets tied
My mouth goes dry
My brain won't work at all
So here I sit writing words
That make my feelings clear
It's you I want
All I need
Oh my dear

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

My S(e)X

i climbed astride her
in the dawn’s bright light
gently stroking her into life
caressing her sleek flanks
as I teased her into giving me more
she growled and
sighed with life
now we were moving as never before
gaining speed
gaining stim…
u… la… tion
from our twin beating hearts
going places we had never been
always yearn…
never slow…

we were spent

I wrote the first version of this somewhere around '94 or '95 about someone I was head over heels with. This version is dedicated to that same person who still makes my heart go silly to this day.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

My Words Are Personal II

It's Kismet Honey

You like me,
I like you,
It’s kismet honey.

You want me,
I want you,
It’s kismet honey,

You are single,
I am to,
It’s kismet honey,

Come to me
I’ll come to you,
It’s kismet honey,

We’ll make sweet love,
The whole night through,
It’s kismet honey.

You Take my Heart

You take my heart
You steal my soul
I don’t mind
You eat my life
You are my love
I don’t mind

I’ll take your heart
I’ll steal your soul
Do you mind
I’ll eat your life
You are my love
Do you mind

Bite my Neck Down Deep

Bite my neck down deep
Take me in my deepest sleep
I’ll bite you back if you want me to
You make me quiver through and through

You lick the blood from off my lips
I wind my arms around your hips
Taking me further than before

I feel heat, our bodies sharing
I fell the mood, I feel you’re caring
I feel your hands and I want more
Our shyness falling to the floor

Things start to heat so much more
I try to get and lock the door
And still you bite me more and more

A Wilting Rose

A wilting rose,
A withered tree
It’s all here
For me to see

The beauty of darkness
And despair
We see them each
And everywhere

A forgotten picture
A lover’s kiss
There is just
So much I miss

The beauty of darkness
And despair
We see them each
And everywhere

I Lie Here Aching

I lie here aching
Picturing your flesh
Mere feet away.
Stretching out
Through the night time air
I long to touch
Your silken hair.
So near
And yet so far
I cannot stand it
I'm striding closer
Declaring my troth.
Will you return it?
Or shall I wait